ABOUT Let Them Breathe: City on the Ocean

Let Them Breathe: City on the Ocean is an indie 3D motion capture animated series, drawing significant influence from anime aesthetics. Based on the highly successful YouTube web series Let Them Breathe, which amassed over 200,000 views across five episodes, this sequel dives deeper into the compelling narrative of the franchise's beloved characters.

The story centers on Jesse Chen, who awakens to a harrowing reality: an apocalyptic world where his family has perished. Struggling to make sense of his new existence, Jesse finds his only glimmer of hope in reconnecting with his best friend, Selena. Together, they navigate the desolate landscape, facing numerous challenges and uncovering the truth behind the catastrophe that has befallen their world.

Promotional picture of Let Them Breathe: City on the Ocean.

Set against a backdrop of drama and adventure, Let Them Breathe: City on the Ocean explores profound themes of friendship, family, love, and loss. Through Jesse and Selena's journey, the series delves into the depths of human resilience and the enduring power of connection in the face of overwhelming adversity.

About Let Them Breathe: City on the Ocean

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